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Dr. Josiah B. Andor

Marriage & Love consultant

Dr. Josiah B. Andor is a Lecturer, Bible scholar, Love and Life Consultant, and Public Speaker. He is the Director of Paraklet Love and Life consultancy, a firm that is dedicated to addressing issues of love (dating, courtship, marriage, and parenting) and life (social, mental/Psychological, emotional, academic, spiritual, and moral) among young and old people.He offers solutions for all people in the areas of marriage, relationship, parenting, education, and faith. He provides counseling services, Career guidance, and organizes seminars and retreats (Love, Educational, Motivational, and other important areas) for interested groups and/or organizations. In addition to being a Lecturer at Regent University College of Science and Technology, he also functions as the Deputy Head of the Chaplaincy, Guidance and Counseling Department. He holds a PhD in Old Testament Studies at the University Of Cape Coast. Josiah has passion for public speaking and sharing God’s word with people. He also loves making friends and tries as much as possible to keep them. Above all, he has a life goal of achieving all that is achievable within the will of God. He is married to Rhoda Anima Andor and blessed with a daughter, Osapu-Egyeboare Akua Andor. Since inception, Dr. Josiah has been passionate and committed to helping people out of their issues of life & impacting generations in all our programs.


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