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Life In The Globe (LITG) is a human capital, capacity building and life consultancy service, established in October 2015 as a subsidiary of the Seed House foundation, passionately committed to helping people out their issues of life via one-on-one online consultation and outreach categorically in the Career life, Love life, Psycho-health life, Sexual health life and Business life of all young adults and generally to all people over the world.
The Seed House foundation is an existing Non-Profit Organization committed to ending homelessness by providing emancipated young adults a transition into adulthood while encompassing a family environment. It is geared towards providing jobs and opportunities for individuals who have lost everything, giving them a vehicle to a career of their passion while embedding the principle of a powerful mentoring development programs.

Our Mission

Our Mission is helping people out of their issues of life; career life, love life, psycho-health life and business life, and to provide the necessary knowledge and empowerment to living a happy life.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the strongest cutting edge brand in human capital development, guidance & counseling and psycho-health consultancy platform with a growing networking force in our network marketing opportunity reaching Africa and the world at large.

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